Catholic Kindergarten

Integrated Thematic Approach

Specific thematic units are organised in our programme relating to the children’s life experiences and by selecting topics of their interests whereby opportunities are provided for active involvement in the process of learning.


Project Approach

We strongly believe that children possess a strong disposition to explore and discover. In a year, one term is set aside for our Nursery, K1, and K2 students to engage in exciting projects to develop life skills for sustainable living and further nurture their self-responsibility including creativity, reflection and problem solving. Working together playfully as a group, we hope to instill in them an increasing emphasis on communication, cooperation, collaboration and task sharing so that they grow to be active contributors to collective problem solving.

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Field Trips

To aid children’s in their intellectual and emotional development, each year, 4 field trips are organized to bring fun and experiential learning out of the classrooms.



Each child’s yearly portfolio is carefully tracked and documented by their teachers with collection of work samples, observation and assessment of their development in these 6 learning areas:

  • Language and literacy
  • Numeracy
  • Discovery of the world
  • Social and emotional development
  • Aesthetics and creativity
  • Motor skills development


Enrichment Programmes


Our Facilities