Catholic Kindergarten

Being first time parents, we have high expectation for our son’s development and learning journey. We have visited numerous popular preschools before we set our minds on Catholic Kindergarten. On our first visit, we witnessed the warm and nurturing environment, where teachers educate the children with love, passion, and commitment. Thanks to the dedicated teachers for giving Aidan a good head start in his learning journey. Their meticulous attention to his needs, and their patience has touch this shy and strong character boy into a lovely and caring little man at the end of the year. We are so proud of his development and changes.
Parents of Aidan Seo Tho
From K1 Morning Glory A, 2018


My two older daughters (now 10 and 8) spent all their pre-primary school years at Catholic Kindergarten (CK), whilst my 3 year old son is now in the Nursery class. Over the years, we have really come to appreciate their faith-based, interactive, progressive and character-building curriculum. Our children have benefited from their time there. They grew into confident and caring children, with an inquisitive minds and love for learning. My girls were well prepared for primary school. Solid foundations were laid, which have been instrumental in our girls’ continued development and success in their current school.
Parents of Fernandez John-Paul Xaiver
From Nursery Rose A, 2018


My husband and I are incredibly blessed to have our daughter, Chen Kaiqin, Callie attended Catholic Kindergarten from 2014-2017. Throughout her 4 years with the school, she was well taken care of by the friendly and nurturing teaching staff. They took time to get to know my child and us, so as to make sure that we (the parents) are comfortable to entrust our daughter in their hands. The school has also done well in ensuring that the kids are well prepared for primary education. The transition from Kindergarten to Primary school has been smooth for my girl. Thank you very much.
Parents of Callie Chen
Graduated in 2017


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